Why I Love These Free iPad Apps

By | April 27, 2014

Getting your first iPad may be one of the most exciting things in your life. But an iPad will hardly benefit you if you do not have the best apps to live it up. If you have absolutely no idea regarding apps which could make your living great and are a bit shy to ask your friends about them, this article is just the proper read for you.

Listed below are some of the best free iPad apps:


  • Evernote

A gadget must be something which could be an addition to your brain so to say. Evernote is one of the best free apps which does just that. It is a note taking and syncing service which lets you to practically do anything from creating a to-do list, capturing photos, jotting down notes and keeping voice reminders yourself. It has just recently been refreshed for the iOS.)

 Evernote App


  • Youtube

Anyone among you will hardly remember the number of times you log on to Youtube daily. Whether it may just be for short recipe or a quick laugh, anything hardly matches Youtube. So why don’t just have a sleek Youtube app for your iPad? Using its fresh interface, you are able to scroll for videos towards the right side of your screen while you continue watching a video on left side. It also has an extra feature which helps you share a video immediately on social media sites.

Youtube App


  • Quickoffice

This app will transform your iPad into a workstation instantly. Whether you are working on Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, you are able to store just about anything on Google Drive & access it at any time using this app.

Quickoffice App


  • Kindle

The Kindle app is very good for reading and you are provided with the options that will better your experience which includes the ability to eliminate the naff page-turn animation & alter the background of the page to a more pleasant sepia tine.

Kindle App

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  1. Jane

    I use Quickoffice all the time, fantastic app! Definitely recommend.


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