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By | October 12, 2014

You want instant access to all your media wherever you are. That is what the Plex app gives you. Plex actually allows iPad users to organize all their media wherever they may have it stored. It affords users the opportunity to easily stream videos, music, homes movies, and photos to any of their iOS devices from a home computer running Plex Media Server. (available for free at


Plex App

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So for users with a huge media library that cannot fit on the iPad, Plex gives an opportunity to stream all of it off a PC or Mac.


The benefits of using the app are overwhelming


  • It beautifies your media with rich descriptions, artwork and other related information.
  • It allows for easy sharing of media with friends and family.
  • Users can easily fling, browse and control media on any Plex-enabled device.
  • The app automatically concerts media on-the-fly to play on any device.
  • Media can be synced to phone or tablet for offline viewing. This however requires a premium Plex Pass subscription.
  • It allows for the streaming of media even when server is down as it syncs media to your favorite cloud provider like
  • Dropbox, Google Drive and Box. This also requires a premium Plex Pass subscription.
  • It gives access to a wide group of channels such as Revision 3, Twit Pro and TED.


Plex iPad App

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Online videos from sites like YouTube and Vimeo can be queued and watched later on any device.
With these great advantages and many other ones not mentioned, the price is $4.99 is sure not too much to charge. The app is available for download on the Apple iTunes store.
There are some alternatives to Plex provided by software developers. Some of them include NetFlix, StreamToME, iMediaShare, Chromecast, and nessViewer. Some are available for free while developers charge a small token for users to download other.


Plex App on iPad

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It should be noted that Plex provides probably the best and most comprehensive features if quality is what you want. It however requires the device to run on iOS 5.1.1 or later.
With Plex, your whole media world is constantly growing. Getting up and running is easy, why not start now!


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2 thoughts on “Plex App

  1. Martin

    Very comprehensive but short review of the Plex app. And I agree: I do not know any other media center with such a lot of features, especially if you want to stream media to several devices like computers and iPhone / iPad.

    However, in my opinion there are some disadvantages:
    1.) Media organisation: all media must be added to its library, and this might be a longer and frustrating process if you already organized your media in many subfolders. And there is no way to access your external DVD drive if you just want to watch a DVD inserted into this drive.
    2.) Media support: Plex does not support DVDs. They must be converted to a “normal” movie even if you do not want to – and I do not. And it does not support iTunes DRM playback (bought or rented movies and TV shows from the iTunes store).
    3.) Naming: the media must follow a (complex) naming convention, otherwise Plex will not show the correct metadata. And it will rename the media titles if incorrect metadata has been found.
    4.) Playlists: Plex supports playlists but not “on the fly” – it is impossible to select a “folder” and to play all of its media in one step. Instead a playlist must be created, saved and removed after watching it. Random playback of media is not supported as well.
    5.) Internet offer: providers like YouTube offer their videos in categories which is not supported by Plex.
    6.) Privacy: The Plex domain ( does not only track the usage of the application (which is very common), but also all of your media titles, when and how long and how often you watch a movie and many other “statistics”.

    However, if none of these disadvantages are a problem for you, then Plex and its app is a very good choice.

  2. Terry

    Thanks for you input Martin, I must say the disadvantages that you mention are not a problem for me and I find Plex to be a very good app.


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