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By | July 11, 2014

The world today is quite easier to live in than the world of yesteryear’s. Yeah! This is a bold and audacious statement, and I am certain a lot of folks will like to contest this one and obvious fact (at least to me, it is obvious). Some others might find it difficult to come to a conclusion like this, but for me, it was quite easy to conclude that we live happier than our forefathers. Ask me why?

There are numerous reasons why I have come to this conclusion but I am afraid a single post will not allow me express all of the instances for the sake of space. However, let’s get started with a few. Take for instance, communication.  The world is fast becoming a global village today because the world is really not far apart anymore; the world has been brought together with the aid effective communication. Getting messages across the barrier is quite easier these days. Across the sea, deadly forest, barbaric inhabitants, inclement weather and whatever divides that used to be, you can send your message and get it delivered almost instantly. The technologies that support such communication get improved daily. Imagine what you can do with a simple smart phone or say an iPad.

Messenger App for iPad

Nimbuzz Messenger App

Nimbuzz Messenger for iPad



There are lots of communication apps for iPad that will certainly make you enjoy living, better than all of the great kings of the ancient put together (that includes the famous King Solomon, the wise). There are apps that will allow you send instant message, faster than the speed of light. You can make calls, even for free, or at a very cheap rate, share pictures with friends, hold discussion with group of friends, you can even have a video call for free or share your video with friends and family. You simply just stay connected no matter the distance.

Phone App for iPad

Whistle Phone App

Whistle Phone iPad App



The confusing fact however might be that of decision making with the apps. There are lots of apps on ipad to choose from. Getting the right app will have to be your responsibility. You should consider the usability of the app with ease. You need to ensure that the app is user friendly and as such, you need not be a tech savvy person to understand how the app works.

Your communication app should be able to serve its first purpose which is to communicate. It should allow you to get feedback through the same medium with which you sent it. The procedure must be same. The same way or pattern for sending and receiving messages.
What distinguishes a communication from other apps is it reliance on depends on real-time networking capabilities together with such network oriented functions as location, presence, proximity, and identity even as it also assumes that  network services will be available as callable services within the Service Oriented Architecture frameworks from which the app is expected to function. To provide callable services, today’s network services should be made virtual and component-like.

To choose the right communication app for you, you must endeavor that the interface is user friendly. Is must be easy to access and also friendly with data usage on your device.
A tech savvy entrepreneur can integrate highly secure services such as messaging, voice, conference call, authentication and inbound short message service into an IT application for the purpose of delivering a customized solution in hours or days at a fraction of the cost of large packaged applications or custom development projects.

Furthermore, there are some special types of communication apps, like the AAC. Alternative Augmentative Communication or AAC for short is design for people with developmental and speech disability. There are quite a number of these apps, at prices between $30 and $500. However some vendor offers their apps for free.  AAC apps are pre-loaded with symbols to represent words and phrase and as well group of pre-made phrases to join and make sentence with, for ease.


AAC App for iPad

iCommunicate App

iCommunicate App



The many benefits of communication apps cannot be over emphasized, the only way to get the full doze of the possibilities is to get yourself an iPad, and share the story afterwards.

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