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By | August 5, 2014

iPad Aviation Apps With the passing of Apple creator Steve Jobs, who was instrumental in producing the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad gadgets, we have a look at a few of the top applications developed specifically for non-commercial pilots. Lots of pilots are great fans of the iPad and use apps for navigation, checking climate, airspeed and other air travel devices. Here we take a look at some iPad aviation apps.

The iPad is not FAA licensed, quality and reliability varies, and apps ought to be made use of in combination with, not instead of, a GPS. That said, here are some highly rated apps you could wish to consider contributing to your electronic flight book (EFB).


AeroWeather App

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This app offers you current and accurate weather (METAR), weather condition forecasts (TAF) for air travel preparations, plus around-the-world flight terminal weather stations from a built-in database by either name or ICAO code. The data either receives its initial format or undergoes complete decoding into easily understandable texts.


FltPlan App

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Produce and file IFR flight strategies, get weather condition rundowns which satisfy 14 CFR 91.103 demands, file IFR air travel prepares rapidly, get access to radar summary and weather condition depiction charts, NEXRAD for a flight terminal or a route, winds aloft, PIREPs and more.

ForeFlight Mobile HD

iPad Aviation Apps ForeFlight App

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Furthermore, Recently named the “Finest App” in Aeronautics Customer Magazine’s Gear of the Year wrap-up, ForeFlight Mobile HD is lauded as a basic, easy-to-use air travel planner, chart manager, and weather condition checker. But Variation 4 offers an all-new navlog, plates organizer, incorporated FAA “green book” A/FD, personal waypoints, airspace, and more.

iPad Aviation Apps: Jeppesen Mobile TC

Jeppesen Mobile TC App

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Additionally, With the Jeppesen Mobile TC aviation iPad app and electronic charting subscription, you can access your instrument charts and flight terminal diagrams straight on your iPad. View technique plate charts, terminal treatments and flight terminal diagrams. Moreover, The FAA recently cited Jeppesen Mobile TC as an example. But This highlights a process established to authorize iPad as an EFB with an operator.

iPad Aviation Apps: Garmin Pilot My-Cast

iPad Aviation Apps Garmin Pilot App

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Pilot My-Cast, tailored for basic aeronautics, business, and industrial pilots, is a subscription service. It enables pilots to access extensive climate information for a path or flight terminal. With Pilot My-Cast, you can easily observe how the climate will impact your air travel. This is achieved by overlaying various real-time data onto a map alongside your flight display. Transitioning, these data include radar, visible and infrared clouds, AIRMETs, SIGMETs, and lightning. Pilot My-Cast offers features like the AOPA Flight Terminal Directory; additionally, it enables users to submit flight plans and more.

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