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By | December 22, 2014

This popular Barnes & Noble iPad application is the perfect reader for book lovers whoNook iPad App want fast and easy accessibility to the world of books. Do you want to read, buy and enjoy books electronically without having to pay hundreds of additional money for an e-reader? Consider installing the 100 % free Nook app for either iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. This innovation, from retail books leader Barnes & Noble, not only allows you to buy and read books from the seller’s Website, but also gives you the opportunity to improve your book-reading experience in many amazing ways.



• Mark unforgettable passages

Do you want to or cite/reference a particular section in a school assignment or talk Nook for iPadabout it in a book club? Just highlight the text by pulling your hand across it. You can add a note to it. Nook for iPad provides the electronic version of writing in the margins just like on paper.



• Customize how your book looks

Give it a tap on the center of the iPad screen from any page you’re reading and a small control bar shows at the top. From this bar you can modify the font, display color, type shades, and the line spacing to match your individual visual preferences. For those of you who like to study into the middle of the night, you can change the brightness of the screen so your partner or people around you can enjoy uninterrupted sleep right next to you. The control bar will also take you to the book’s table of contents and it’ll also let you review any notes you’ve written or paragraphs that you’ve highlighted. Although the Nook’s functionality and performance is identical in the iPad and iPhone/iPod touch version, the applications are not the same. If you want to use Nook on every one of these gadgets, you will have to download the application for each device separately.


Nook on iPad


• Dictionary on demand

If you come across a word/phrase you don’t know, just tap it and Nook’s in-built dictionary will bring up the meaning. If the app dictionary doesn’t contain the word/ phrase, Nook gives you the choice of looking it up on Google or Wikipedia.




• Built-in bookmark

You will not have to worry about losing your place if you have to take a break of Nook iPadreading. Nook places a bookmark automatically on the last page you read before you closed the book.



• Loan your library

If you’ve downloaded a book that Barnes & Respectable designates as a “Lend ME” choice, you’ll be able to e-loan it out to your buddies for two weeks.




• Rate and give feedback on the books you have read

If you’re using Nook on iPhone or iPod Touch, you can provide a rating from zero to five stars review for the book you read, but this rating you provide, can only be seen by you alone. iPad Nook users can provide rating scores and feedback for other Nook for iPad users can see. This public rating option seems to be the major difference between the two Nook app editions.



Go get the Nook on iPad today, it’s one of the best apps for reading

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