These are Still Some of The Best iPad Apps

By | April 27, 2014

In less than a year of its release to the normal audience, thousands of innovative apps have erupted in the market. Majority among these apps are designed for niche markets like healthcare industry. In spite of this, there are plenty of great iPad apps which may prove to be handy for almost every individual. Listed below are 3 of the most innovative and I think, best ipad apps for a normal user.


  • DocsToGo Premium (about $12.00)

This app will allow you to store almost all the documents that you would ever require in an instinctive format which makes pulling up any spreadsheet super easy. Not only does it handles all of the regular MS Office formats, DocsToGo Premium in addition can work simultaneously with cloud computing document services such as SugarSync and Google Docs.

Docs to Go


  • Dungeon Hunter (about $7.0)

Dungeon Hunter app by Gameloft’s looks similar to every other 3rd individual role playing game till you give it a shot. Everybody who spends some time going through Dungeon Hunter finds the game extremely addictive. This game shares plenty of similarities with the games such as World Of Warcraft and Diablo; however it is designed in a portable way which means you could very easily start and end the sessions of the game whenever needed.

Dungeon Hunter App


  • Epicurious (Free)

This app is almost like a treasure. Similar to the Epicurious website, the app allows to look out for recipes using wide range of search functions which includes maid ingredients, dish type, spices and much more. One of the key function of this app is that it is able to generate an editable list of shopping materials automatically on a go which you can easily refer on your iPad device when you’re stopping to select groceries. This app is available for free.

Epicurious App


  • Hootsuite (Free and paid)

The world of networking is made pleasant by the Hootsuite app. Using only one app, you are able to create multiple streams of your social networks and see them on the same interface. All the networks can be managed using a single platform at the same time & you can easily link your messages to the social networks.

Hootsuite App


  • Pages (Free)

This app will allow you to easily access word processors in which you can create presentations and text, and embed photos while editing them as per your liking. Created pages are compatible with iPhone, Mac or Desktop and can be accessed with iCloud.

Pages App

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