Chatroulette on iPad

By | August 30, 2014

Chatroulette on iPad is an online website that allows random users or people to connect and chat with each other through webcam, text – chat, and mic. Chatroulette on iPad allows total strangers to connect. Random people from around the world can connect and have conversations via a couple of media. Visitors log on to the website and begin an online chat with another visitor.

Chatroulette on iPad


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Chatroulette on iPad has been widely criticized by a lot of people due to the use or misuse of visitors. Chatroulette was created by a 17-year-old high school student in Russia in November 2009. He claims the creation was inspired by the chats he had with his friends on Skype. Chatroulette was initially related to 16+. This is due to the possibility of users displaying inappropriate content such as pornographic or offensive content.


Airtime App

Airtime – Alternative to Chatroulette


Due to the abuse or misuse of Chatroulette and the subsequent disapproval and wide criticism, it has not gained ground in the iPad or iPhone world. Chatroulette tried to emulate Several apps, but iTunes often removed them shortly.


Meowmeowbeenze App

Meowmeowbeenz App

Additionally, Facekandi is an app on the iTunes App Store that brings users almost the same feeling as Chatroulette. It works on the iPad 2 and the fourth-generation iPod touch. Still, The app has a 4+ rating and is suitable for all ages. The price is $0.99. It comes with almost the same features found on Chatroulette.

FaceTime Plus is another Chatroulette lookalike. The web–based app connects through the iPad and it allows users to connect with other iOS users. FaceTime Plus is free to use and is available by visiting the website of the application.

Various app developers have attempted to replicate the Chatroulette experience through apps like iChatr and Facelette. However, the creation of these similar apps has faced considerable criticism due to the widespread misuse of the platform.


Omegle App

Omegle App download

The owners and moderators have been taking huge steps towards regulating the activities of users to curb the inappropriate use of the website.

The Chatroulette like most of its peers, comes with some great features that make it a favorite app among users of the iPad and other iOS devices. The ability to quickly find a conversational partner from all around the world is one of the greatest attributes that makes the app a great collection for fun lovers and lovers of adventure. Other features include the use of a Microphone, webcam, or text chat to communicate with people, and the use of a drawing pad as an ice-breaker or to entertain your partner.

With over 30,000 users signed in at any given time, users are never short of conversational partners to connect with.

It is important to exercise caution and use common sense when using platforms like Chatroulette or similar sites.

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