David Hockney’s iPad Art

By | January 17, 2015

Nowadays you can sometimes tell where David Hockney is, what the weather is doingDavid Hockney's iPad Series and possibly what kind of mood he is in. Not from words, mind you, but from pictures that regularly show up in some of his close friends inbox, pictures the artist has created on his iPad using an app called Brushes. Last year, when the paintings were of pine trees, mountain peaks and steep slopes, I could tell instantly that he had been at Yosemite National Park.



Using the iPad like a sketchbook

He says my iPad is like a sketchbook, it means I have everything with me all time thatDavid Hockney's iPad Art I need to produce the art.” He likes to record his surroundings, views from a window, the shelf in the bathroom, many landscapes that he visits, his pet and even his friends, just about anything that may catch his eye, this results in what he calls a visual diary of sorts.

A little Hockney history

Hockney has produced his work in lots of different styles and different media for more than the five decades. In the 60s his funny, cool paintings of Los Angeles life, which were quite often linked with Pop art although were really more personal and individual for that label, he quickly found fame internationally. In the 1970s and 1980s, he was producing superb productions for Covent Garden and the Metropolitan Opera; he was also creating photo collages and leading work with early computer drawing programs and after new devices such as the facsimile machine.

David Hockney Art

When Hockney first started, he was producing his artwork working on his iPhone, Hockney soon found working by using just the one finger pretty awkward. He had to practice for several months before he could produce free and fresh marvelous new pieces. He adapted to the iPad even quicker. The iPad, being 8 times bigger than the iPhone, allowed him to be able to use all of his fingers. He has since begun working with a stylus. His iPhone art were pretty broad and loose, but the iPad art has been on a different level and much more polished.

The most unusual thing is?

But maybe it’s the way that Hockney sends out his art that is the most unusual thing about them and not the art pieces themselves. As an original Hockney painting would cost tens of thousands, even millions of dollars. But he freely distributes his drawings digitally to close friends, he allows them to forward the art as they wish.

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