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By | December 26, 2014

Let’s face it; the iPad is gradually becoming the new trendy laptop. The battery power Despicable Me 2lasts longer, it’s less heavy, it won’t burn your lap, and you don’t even have to take it out of your bag as you pass through airport terminal security. Better still, you can easily put it in your bag for that bored moment at work or during lunch alone. It’s a highly-capable device, with a stunning screen display and access to great collections of applications, and one that works completely as a smaller screen for viewing your favorite movies on the go. Whether you want to buy SD new releases such as Captain America to animations like Despicable Me 2 through iTunes, or merely want to rent classic oldies such as Mrs. Doubtfire and Good morning, Vietnam in an effort to remember great acts such as the late Robin Williams, Apple provides a simple means for doing so. If you’d rather, you can even convert and upload your own collection of movies to your iPad directly for free — that is, supposing the content isn’t branded.


iMovies Club

• iTunes Store app

• Movavi
VLC app


iMovies Club

imoviesclubDownload unlimited movies movies 24/7 once registered, from the members area. This is a membership site with 3 options. I recommend the platinum option which is 2 years unlimited movies for a one of cost of $39.95. You are able to download these on any device.



Although buying movies on iTunes can be a bit costly, it’s also the easiest and fastest iTunes Moviesway to download and watch movies without making use of third-party applications and illegal download methods. Apple’s collection of movies is very comprehensive, which range from blockbuster releases and old-school movies, many of which go on sale at great deals or discounted prices as part of various special offers. Moreover, iTunes is also in partnership with various companies, often enabling them to sell and lease movies prior to their formal retail release.

Step 1: Launch iTunes

If you have iTunes installed on your laptop or computer, you can launch the software and link your iPad to your laptop or computer as you would normally. The program should show the iPad panel, but if not, just simply select the iPad option in the upper-right area of the application window to open the interface.

Step 2: Download a movie

Once you’ve open your iPad panel, simply choose the blue library in the top-left area, followed by iTunes Stores. Next, simply select the Movies tab at the top and search Apple’s library until you see a movie you like and want to download to your iPad. Select your preferred quality using the control buttons situated below the movie poster and simply select the Buy or Rent key to buy your choice before downloading.

Step 3: Synchronize your iPad

Click the Movies tab in the middle of the top navigation bar and check the box directly left of the “Synch Movies” icon. Subsequently, check the box next to the movies you wish to include or use the drop-down selection at the top of the tab to instantly sync a selection of recent and unwatched movies. Click the Apply key in the bottom-right area when you’re okay with your choice. If you lease it, keep in thoughts you have 1 month to begin it and 24 hours to finish it after you begin watching.


Step 4: Watch away

Once effectively synced, taps the Video app — specified by a blue clapperboard icon to watch the movies.



iTunes Store app

The syncing in the first process can be skipped if you want to use the iTunes Store app. Doing so will allow you to buy or lease movies straight on your iPad in a similar way to how you would using the desktop version of iTunes. All you need is accessibility an active Wi-Fi network.

Wi Fi

Step 1: Launch the iTunes Store appTap the iTunes store app to bring up the mobile edition of Apple’s popular content collection .Then tap Movies in the routing plugin at the end of the display.
Step 2: Download a movie Look through the movie library until you see a movie you want to download to your iPad. Then, tap on the “Buy or Rent” button to download your choice and confirm it, before tapping the Video clips app and then start watching the movie as you would normally. If you lease a movie, bear it in mind that you have only one month to begin it and 24 hours to complete it after you begin to watch it.
Movie Download Options iPad


VLC Player

Step 3: Watch away Once synced completely, tap the Video app — designated by a blue clapperboard icon— to watch the movie as you would normally.
Movies can also be watched on iPad using third party apps directly which include Movavi and VLC app.

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