Seven Minute Workout on iPad

By | October 27, 2014

Seven Minute workout  7 Minute Workout

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Work Out With your iPad

The Seven Minute Workout on iPad is one of the most famous and high rated apps for fitness and exercises developed for iOS platforms. The app has a series of multimedia sets of exercises that will instruct you how to do it on your own home. You can either watch or only listen the step by step instructions and personalize a series of exercises you want to do in a single session, adjust each set by number, speed and break times, as well as you can also adjust how fast or slow you want the instructions to be voice prompted.

 7 Minute Workout


How It Works you Out

The 7 minute workout idea of exercises was implemented as an app that will help you to do heavy weight sets within few time and with methodical, helpful instructions. As you are supposed to focus on your body and breathing, this apps offers both video and only voice prompted instructions, as well as a text description.



Seven Minute Workout


You can watch the videos to know what you are supposed to do and get the idea of what you have to work out, the positions and flexions, and then when you are really doing the work out, all you have to do is pay attention to the voice prompt instructions. As the Seven Minute Workout on iPad is developed for tablets, more dynamic people can choose to watch it once you can place the device somewhere you can comfortably watch the videos.




Setting your Work Out

You are able to personalize the sets of exercises. Change the amount of flexions between every break, as well as the speed you have to perform them. You can do the same with the amount of time for each break and how many breaks you want to do. This feature allows you to use the Seven Minute Workout on iPad in a long therm as you can set your exercises in more difficult levels according to the improvement of your performance.



7 Minute Workout App

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You also will be able to choose which exercises you’ll do in a single session, so you can set the app to perform a bottom muscles program – buttocks and legs – for example, and the next day a top one – chest, arms, back, abs – altering the set of muscles you workout, excellent for fitness results.


The complete pack of exercises – over 100 different ones – can be purchased by 5 dollars on iTunes. However, liter versions with specific series of exercises are also available for lower prices – 1 to 2 dollars. The version 2.4.0 of the app now runs on iOS 8.0.

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