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Habbo app on iPad

Habbo (Habbo Hotel) which is the world’s largest Finnish Social Networking Service with over 12 online communities comprising of mainly teens from over 150 countries. Over 273 million avatars have been registered and with an average monthly unique visit of over 5 million, you would have to know it is a very popular site. Its feature includes chatting with friends around the world, taking up daily competitions and quest, building your own avatar and room etc. In a nut shell, Habbo is a virtual world on its own. Habbo Hotel being a virtual world where users can create their custom avatars and build rooms that suits them the way they like.


The Habbo app for iPad

The iPad version of Habbo comes with almost all the features and capabilities with what you can do on Habbo just like on your PC.

Habbo iPad


Features of the iPad version of the app includes:

• Ability to make friends and chat with millions of teens worldwide
• Comes with awesome effect and accessories to help you express yourself
• The ability to build your own world according to your style and hang out with your friends
• The ability to impress by dressing your avatar with the right gear to suit any occasion
• Also the option to create groups and also join other groups like armies and mafias
• The free option to make you own room and also explore epic rooms
• The option to create and run your own store as the same time trading with other players
• Participate and play in daily quizzes, competitions, events and quests with friends
• The INFINITE ZOOM on the largest retro pixel art world ever made
• 24/7 Live Moderation


Habbo for iPad

One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that, the app requires internet access so you might need to subscribe to a data plan if you intend to use it. It also offers in-app purchases. It is recommended turning of your in-app purchasing to avoid any charge by mistake.


iPad Habbo


You can check download this app from the app store from you iPad by clicking the link below

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