How to Use FaceTime on iPad

By | November 24, 2014

Using FaceTime On The iPad

The iPad has a dedicated app for FaceTime. Go to applications and look for the FaceTime app. You will be asked for your Apple ID to start using FaceTime. You will need to put in your email address that you wish to be used. You will now see a message saying that you have been verified to use the FaceTime.




You will need to find the contact that you want to make the video call to. Choose either the phone number or email address that belongs to your contacts FaceTime account.
To call someone who is using an iPhone, they will need to be connected to a WiFi connection.

Facetime iPad AppIf you are the one receiving the call, you will only need to press on the “Accept” button to start receiving your video call. If you do not wish to accept the call just press “Decline” and the call will automatically end.



Placing an audio call on FaceTime

Follow the above instructions on making a video call with FaceTime, when you connect, just press on the “Home” button. This enables you to use the audio only option of you FaceTime call.

The biggest downside of FaceTime is that it is only enable to be used with Apple devices.

Please ensure you have the required hardware and software needed to run FaceTime.

If you need to make a video call to someone who does not have an Apple device, I would highly recommend using Skype.


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