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By | September 8, 2014

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Do not fret when you hear the statement “rosetta stone on ipad”. This is not about putting your most cherished gadget beneath some ancient stone. The Rosetta Stone is an extra – ordinary application that gives language enthusiasts the opportunity to learn any of their favorite languages on the go.


Rosetta Stone App

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If you love to learn languages or you have this language you have always wished to have a grasp on, the Rosetta stone app might just be the one thing you have always wanted. With the app available on various operating systems for smartphones, you need not carry some language book or dictionary to quench your thirst for learning a new language. Whether it is French, Spanish or Chinese, Rosetta stone gives you almost all you need, even as a beginner. With different levels available for learners, everybody is considered irrespective of your level of understanding of the language. This makes the software all-encompassing. Learners are taken right from the elementary level to the most advanced levels with examples and illustrations that are easy to understand.

It should however not be taken as a substitute for the traditional language training as the app is only a supplement to the training, enabling students to study wherever and whenever as long as they have their smartphones installed with the Rosetta app, even when they are away from an internet connection as lessons can be downloaded and reviewed.

The Rosetta stone app is available for download on the Android and iOS operating systems. The app is available for download for free from the Apple iTunes App store for ipad users but the app is as good as useless without a Rosetta account.


Rosetta Stone App

Download Here

Rosetta app on smartphones, especially the ipad, provides users with almost the same features available on the personal computer, with some little features missing on the tablet. This allows users switch between the computer and the app as progress automatically syncs.

The app might sound a bit expensive with prices ranging from $179 for three months to about $500. But you know what they say “every prize has a price”. Jonathan Mudd of the public relations department of Rosetta Stone Ltd, calls the software “classroom quality at disruptive pricing”.

There have been different reviews about the Rosetta app, and just like any other phenomenon, no one expects the app to be 100 percent accepted by the public. The review and ratings are however impressive and can be said to be satisfactory.


Rosetta Stone iPad App

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It should be noted that some languages are not yet supported on the ipad and in fact on the iOS. These languages are however minimal and with consistent work being done by the developers and team of Rosetta Stone LTD, ipad users can be assures of getting the full deal on their tablets very soon.

Learning a language with the Rosetta Stone app on the ipad is not an effortless journey but it is one that is worth the try.

Rosetta stone has made sure you have no excuse for not learning that language you have always wished for.

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