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By | September 11, 2014

The benefits and importance of backing up your iPad cannot be overemphasized. If you have ever lost some data due to file corruption or a sudden crash of your hard drive, you know important it is to back up your data. Just like a desktop or laptop system, your iPad also needs some backing up. Whether your iPad functions as your secondary office or it comes as just another gadget in your collections, you are sure to have some important information you never want to lose on it. This makes it imperative to always backup your iPad on regular intervals.
With a couple of ways of backing up available to iPad users, you have no excuse for losing that very vital information. These backup methods are not only fast, they are easy and simple for just anybody to use. We will be going through these methods in the write-up.
Apple has made it very easy for iPad users to back up their iPad. The iPad basically has two methods of backup. Users can either go for a wireless backup with iCloud or backup to a computer via iTunes.


Backing up iPad with iCloud

Information can be backed up with this method. Apple’s iCloud service ensures users can do a backup of their information through a number of ways. The backup can be automated by turning the backup feature on. This ensures data are automatically backed up using the iCloud service. This service however requires the iPad to be running on iOS 5 or higher. The process is easy; settings – iCloud – Storage & backup then slide iCloud backup to on. A manual syncing with your computer is required as the automatic syncing happens with iCloud. With this, all your data are live in your iCloud account.

Backup to Cloud

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iPad backup with iTunes

This runs more automatically. Every time the iPad is synced with your computer, an iPad backup is automatically saved on your computer. The backup contains your settings and some data.
It should be noted that this backup method does not back up your apps or music. Your music and apps are stored in your iTunes library and can be backed up as part of the computer backup using the iCloud service.


Third party software backup

This backup option can be said to be more comprehensive as compared to the previously mentioned options. All your information can be backed up in a single location making it easier to restore information if need be. Most programs used to transfer music from your computer to your iPad can perform this function. How this is done however depends on the program.
Users should endeavor to make a thorough research on the best third party software to use as there a bunch of them available for users to choose from.

Now you have no excuse not to back up your information. You do not want to lose that vital information. Remember, you do not know the value of what you got until you lose it.

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