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By | September 5, 2014

Viber App – By Viber Media, Inc

Viber is an application on smartphones that allows users make voice calls, send text messages, and send images and videos and even location. The application is available for free on any compatible operating system. An application with such multiple platforms can only attract as much interest. Just like any other application, the ipad was not among the early receivers for the Viber application. But an application with such benefits can only be kept away from any smartphone for a short while.


With the Viber app on smartphones, users are able to make free calls with high sound definition as long as the device has a connection to the internet, either through a data plan or a Wi – Fi. With such great features as free text messages, emoticons and stickers to make funny messages, and available with over 30 languages, it is difficult for any ipad to ignore this sweet application. A great benefit of the application is that users receive notifications through PUSH service, ensuring that no message is lost even when the application is not connected to the internet. The Viber application is distributed through various operating systems and stores. Android OS, iOS, Windows Mobile, the BlackBerry OS, and the desktop are some platforms where users can get the application for free.

An internet ready ipad is basically all is needed to get the fun and excitement started with Viber. As the application is available for free download on the Apple iTunes store, the first point of call for intending users is the app store. A search of “viber” in the iTunes store brings out the application for download. The app can then be downloaded following easy steps that are already illustrated. The installation and activation is also as simple. A few taps of the tablet ensures users are able and ready to explore the Viber application. Users are however required to have a mobile number to effectively run a Viber application.

Free Calls


Viber App

Ipad users and other tablet users are set to enjoy the best of the Viber application. The large screen of the ipad makes the Viber connection more enjoyable. The application recognizes users that already have the application installed, and uses the phone contacts as a form of synchrony.

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The Viber is a very easy to use application and it comes with a lot of benefits and fun bits that users can explore. This makes it a must – have for every smartphone user, most especially users of the ipad.


PC, Mac and iOS


Viber iPad App

Users can now send messages, voice and text, share images and photos in conversations and make the best from any conversation. Keep in touch with your friends and family and never miss out on the latest gist and happenings.

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