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By | December 3, 2014

Earn to Die




By Not Doppler


Overview of Earn to Die 2 on iPad

Earn To Die 2 game is a very popular and fun game developed and published by Not Doppler. It is of no doubt that it is one of the most popular games you would find out there, currently as of writing this, with over 100 million players around the world, no one would tell you this game is really popular. The concept behind the game is a simple one. In the Earn to Die 2Earn To Die 2, the gamer is given a car to drive through a crowd of zombies killing them in other for you to survive. You have to drive the car as if your life depends on it. Well virtually, it does depend on it in the game. In this game, you start playing with little cash and also make sure that your car crosses a desert surrounded by zombies. The main mission of this game is driving to the desert full of zombies alive.
Saving yourself by driving carefully is not the only important thing here when it comes to the Earn to Die 2. As you play and successfully complete the various level, you would be awarded with cash which can be used for upgrades in the game. You can also customize your vehicle and as you play on, unlock other new vehicles or even add some items such as guns or spike frame to your car which will help you kill the zombies and keep you alive. This game is very interesting and trust me, you will never be bored playing this game.



Earn to Die 2 iPad
Earn To Die 2, which is an upgrade of the previous version comes with some improvement and new features that makes the game even more fun to play.


Below are some of the new features:

The introduction of the bigger and the all new story mode which gives the gamer a better overview driving through the wild zombies apocalypse.
The introduction of 8 brand new vehicles for which you can select any one based on your preferences. The vehicles comes in the form of school buses, racing cars and trucks as well.
The ability for one to customize the features of the vehicle to suit the gamer’s choice. This is an upgrade on the previous version as in those version, you could not customize the vehicles.
The new version features an increase in the number of zombies so as a gamer, you have a lot of work to do in getting rid of all of them. The easiest way to go about this is to crush them under you vehicle.
Improved in the quality of animation making the game more clear and interesting.
Introduction of the new feature called “Game Center” where you can get any support or help if any problem arises patterning to the game.
The optimization of the game for retina display.


Earn to Die 2 iPad App



The latter version of the game is available on both Android and iOS devices and as of writing this article, the Earn To Die 2, which is the new version is available exclusive to iOS devices.
The iPad version of this game feature almost all the new improvement and feature listed above and with its amazing Earn to Die 2 on iPadgraphic and effect, you would love to play this game over and over again on you iPad.




The iPad version of the game features the brand new story modes just as stated above and also comes with multi-tiered levels which makes the game even more interesting as whichever path you take, you can never escape the zombies but have only one option, and that is to smash through them and get the game going. You can also build a zombie slathering machine for which you can add various armor to your car. With this, the zombies stand no chance of surviving.


Earn to Die

If you really want to enjoy the fun the Earn To Die 2 has to offer, then you can download it from the app store.

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