Ableton Live for iPad

By | November 5, 2014

Ableton Live is one of the most popular and powerful devices to create and play electronic music and got really famous with Macs and other Apple desktop computers. For iPads, Ableton developed a special app to synch the Live machine with your tablet so you can create music using both devices at ease.



The touchAble 2 Controller

Ableton Live for iPad will work when you install the touchAble controller. It is an app very simple to use you can purchase from the iTunes Store and then start synchronising your devices.

Currently, the app is on its second generation. The touchAble 2 will run Ableton Live for iPad with some improvements compared to the first version. Now the controller is a no-compromise control, you can split the screen into two different modules if you wish so, playing the Ableton Live for iPad while able to see other applications running and control them too. If you want however to work exclusively in the screen of the Ableton Live, all the best. You can switch to the single screen mode only too.


Ableton Live


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But what is even better about the touchAble 2 is the fact you can also do everything you need through the Ableton Live for iPad. Just set both devices connected and you will have several interfaces to record, edit and mix your work from the Ableton Live while everything is stored in the iPad.



touchAble 2


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Musicians who make use of MIDI audio will also benefit from the exclusive MIDI Editor that is included as a native feature of the app.



Ableton for iPad


And what about playing your music? You can also use the both iPad or Ableton Live to play the music. In the iPad interface you can use sets of a keyboard to play notes, though it requires a physical keyboard compatible with your Apple tablet.



touchAble Controller

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Another great feature of this app is the size. It is only a 8MB download and it won’t burn your iPad RAM memory since the processing happens all in the Ableton Live. The touchAble 2 is available in the iTunes store for 25 dollars and of course, you get all updated of the software for free.



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