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Plex App

You want instant access to all your media wherever you are. That is what the Plex app gives you. Plex actually allows iPad users to organize all their media wherever they may have it stored. It affords users the opportunity to easily stream videos, music, homes movies, and photos to any of their iOS devices… Read More »

Blackjack on iPad

Blackjack is a simple and popular game of adding up cards to a value of 21 or less. This card game has been around for a very long time and is the favorite of many card lovers due to its simplicity and fun. It might worth being said that some persons actually earn a living… Read More »

Diamond Digger Saga

        By Limited   If you liked King’s other puzzle games, for example Candy Crush Saga and Farm Hero’s Saga, then you will definitely love Diamond Digger Saga. Diamond Digger Saga is going to look very similar in its makeup and in terms of making you slow down at some given… Read More »

Ebay for iPad

eBay inc eBay is probably the world’s largest online marketplace. eBay Inc. is an American multinational company that provides consumer to consumer sales services through the internet. It manages the famous online auction and shopping website eBay needs no introduction as almost every internet user has one time or other come across the site… Read More »

Skype on iPad

Skype App Skype is an application that allows users bring more life to telephoning. Making used to be a voice – to – voice with little or no impression or feelings communicated. This can be a boring process especially when making very long calls. One might need more than just spoken words to express some… Read More »

Dropbox on iPad

Dropbox Application If as an iPad user you still have not started storing videos, photos and some other information on Dropbox for free, then you are missing a lot. Fret no more though, as you can still catch the moving train. Dropbox is an application that allows users using clouding services to store their information.… Read More »

Instagram on iPad

Instagram on iPad is an online social networking app that allows users share videos and photos. It was launched in October, 2010 and has grown with a remarkable speed already having over 100 million active users. Instagram is available across several smartphones and tablets with the iOS and Android operating software. It comes for free… Read More »

Airdrop on iPad

Airdrop on iPad is a method of sharing information through an ad-hoc wireless connection between compatible iOS devices. The technology allows for an easy and quick transfer of files and information from one device to another. Photos, contacts, videos, web pages, notes, iTunes radio stations, and other supported documents can be sent to anyone within… Read More »

Quiz Apps

Ah Trivia, Quiz Apps   We are fairly specific that on some long-ago winter night, in some long-forgotten language, a hunter or gatherer grunted “he paint 7 antelope on cave wall, then pass away from oozing injury,” and was responded to “Who Og?” Here we are, in 2014, no smarter, not even more advanced in… Read More »