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Roulette on iPad

The popularity of the iPad cannot be doubted but the same cannot be said about the uses of the device. Most tablet users including iPad users fail to realize the potential of what they have in their hands. Thanks to software developers, many apps are now being developed to ensure iPad users maximize the tablet.… Read More »

Poker on iPad

There are many tablets flooding the market but the iPad just seems to bring something extra to the table. The world cannot seem to get enough of this device thanks to the efforts of the folks at Apple in providing a user – friendly interface among other features that have made the iPad a favorite… Read More »

Garageband on iPad

Garageband App If creating music is what you do, then Garageband is what you need. Garageband for iPad is an app that can be used to do virtually anything related to music creation. If an app can allow you create, record, assemble, retouch music and can even be used as a fully trusted live performance… Read More »

Bingo on iPad

A Game of Chance Bingo is a game of chance and is played with numbers. It really needs not much introduction due to its popularity and wide acceptance. Various software developers have tried to make sure Bingo lovers can enjoy their favorite game even on the go. This has led to various versions and brands… Read More »

Airplay on iPad

Wireless Streaming with Airplay Airplay was formerly known as AirTunes when it was launched in June, 2004.  It was initially for audio only but Apple took it a step further to allow for the streaming of media which includes videos and photos. Airplay is an application that allows users to stream music, photos, an videos… Read More »

Antivirus for iPad

If you are an owner of an iPad or any other sophisticated gadget for that matter, an antivirus would normally be on the top of your should-get list. Despite the claims of Apple to have a much secured platform in the iOS, users should leave no stone unturned to make sure their gadgets are well… Read More »

Facetime on iPad

No More Faceless Calls Have you ever wanted to video chat that special someone somewhere across the country or you need to send some message that really requires some personal expressions? Facetime might just be what you have always wanted. It is a known fact that phone calls can be so impersonal and sometimes boring… Read More »

WhatsApp on iPad

WhatsApp is a messenger and social networking platform that allows users communicate and share information through the use of Wi-Fi or 3G. Founded in 2009, WhatsApp has grown to having over 400 million users per month and has become a global brand, thanks to the purchase by Facebook. WhatsApp on iPad is arguably the most… Read More »

GPS on the iPad

The Apple iPad is among the most flexible gizmos to ever be launched. There are almost infinite uses for it with the intro of brand-new apps every day. At launch, the iPad is readily available in 2 variations, with or without the 3G capability with AT&T. The designs with the 3G antenna provide you access… Read More »

Chatroulette on iPad

Chatroulette is an online website that allows random users or people to connect and chat with each other through webcam, text – chat and mic. Chatroulette on iPad allows total strangers to connect with each other. Random people from around the world are able to connect with each other have conversations via couple of media.… Read More »